Lemond Bike Fit Systems Wedges

Our most popular product, Cleat Wedges®, helps eliminate foot "hot spots" and properly aligns your knees resulting in more power and comfort, determined with the Computrainer Spinscan technology


Why Use Cleat Wedges?

Research conducted on cyclist's feet showed that 96% of us have forefeet that are canted or tilted up to the inside inward ("varus") or outward toward the outside ("valgus"). The vast majority (87%) of cyclist's feet tilt up to the inside. Unfortunately, almost all cycling shoes, cleats and pedals take this natural tilt and force it flat. This can generate knee pain, create a foot "hotspot" (where the inner or outer side of the foot feels hot) and diminish your ability to generate power.

Cleat Wedges
® enable the cycling shoe to connect with the pedal naturally, by acknowledging the foot's inherent angle. This creates a neutral foot position throughout the pedaling cycle, resulting in greater comfort and power. An illustration depicting foot and knee alignment before and after applying Cleat Wedges can be seen below

  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Improved power
  • Improved comfort
  • Better hip / knee / ankle / foot alignment
  • Reduce knee and foot pain
If you use a modern clip-in pedal system you may be exposing yourself to potential injury unless the foot/shoe/pedal interface is customised to your physiological requirements. Approximately 96% of the population has what is known as a forefoot tilt. This is where the front of your foot is not flat but rather has an angle or tilt. Modern clip-in pedal systems do not accommodate this tilt, instead forcing the foot into an unnatural flat position. The body compensates for this with a lateral (side to side) motion of the knee during the pedal cycle. The result of increased lateral knee movement over time will cause pain and injury in the knee and any of the above symptoms.


The BFS Wedge is a simple solution to this problem especially when used by a Sound Coaching Technician*. These are patented, non-compressable, plastic shims that sit between the pedal cleat and sole of the shoe; they cant or tilt the shoe to align it with the forefoot maintaining the foot’s natural position inside the shoe. *It is important to ensure that all other factors of your position are taken in to account at the same time i.e. saddle position, cleat position etc.

The BFS Wedge decreases or eliminates knee pain by reducing lateral knee movement - Avoid premature fatigue -Improve ergonomic fit to your bike – Feel more stable in the pedals and more poweful - Increase muscle recruitment and development - Increase foot comfort and contact – Reduces and can eliminate lower back pain and hip pain. By using BFS Wedges in conjunction with Sidas Conform’able and Esoles foot beds we achieve our best results.

BFS Wedges can also correct leg-length discrepancies. As the wedges are symmetrical, leg-length adjustments can be made by using a reverse stacking method.

World Champion Nicole Cooke, Rabobank ,CSC, many anonymous professional racers and thousands of pain free and efficient Cyclefit customers.

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